Social Media Marketing For Business

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Social media is like online word of mouth. People share information and suggest places. People look at what people are saying about your restaurant.

Think about this for a second. You return phone calls, you answer emails, you talk to people that ask you questions. All of this is creating content for 1 person. You value this conversation because you are used to it. Social media is 1 to many conversations. In the time it takes to whip out an e-mail or text you can post to social media. One social media can be reposted to the next.

Restaurants are perfectly suited for social media because everybody likes to eat.   Just take a notice of all of the people that are taking pictures of their food.

Each of the social media’s is a bit different. Let’s look into the basic social media that you need to have setup.

Facebook Marketing

It is manditory to setup a Facebook Account. We have created an entire Facebook page to help you use this service better. Each person as an individual can choose to not use Facebook. But as a business you really owe it to yourself to be available for those that use Facebook. There may be some things you have not considered about Facebook.

  • When your customer uses the Facebook apps they have a restaurant finder built in.
  • People often ask on Facebook where they can find a good restaurant in an area.  Other Facebook users chime in with suggestions.
  • You get reviewed on Facebook. These reviews show up prominently.
  • People can check into your Facebook page. This shows their friends what they are doing.
  • Your past guest will start following you and will enjoy your content
  • We dive deeper into Facebook on it’s own page.

Instagram Marketing

 Instagram works differently than the rest. You will create a new login and password for your Instagram Business Page. Instagram is more picture and video based. The way you find and are found is based on # hashtags and @ tags and locations.

    • You need to create a business profile page
    • Then you can establish your @ tag This is how you get mentioned
    • You can explore # tags that conversations related to what you are doing. #tags are how you find out who shares your interests.

Ready To Start Marketing On Social Media?

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Youtube Marketing

Youtube is the second biggest search engine and often shows up in regular search results. You can setup your account and upload videos right from your phone. Use your phone to put up a video at least one of your trips. Some considerations are

  • Youtube is a Google company. Use the same google login credential that you used when you setup your Google My Business Listing at

Twitter Marketing

You may think that Twitter may be less applicable for a guide company. You can think of Twitter like a big Football Stadium. There are many conversations going on in the stadium. You can listen to everybody and filter the conversations to the ones you want to participate in. This happens through # tags and @ tags.

  1. @ tags are a person or business. So you will have an @ tag that is your business name.
  2. # tags are conversations. Search for hashtags that people use when they are looking for your trips. A conversation (# tag) could be #HopkinsBelizeSnorkeling.

Now you have you’ve information. For getting started you at least need Facebook. So set up your business acount today! let’s get started.

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