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Your Google My Business listing is controlled at

How to Add Your Business On Google Maps

As a new restaurant, you may need to claim or add your restaurant to Google maps.  You want to do the following: 

  • Make sure that you are logged into the google account of the restaurant owner.
  • Search google maps for your own restaurant.
  • If you find it on the map then you need to claim your listing.
  • If you don’t find it then you can add it.

Wanna Know How To Add/List Your Business?

Here you can find out more. As it’s essential for your business to grow.

  • You will use the information you organized in the beginning to fill out your listing in Google.  Add pictures of your menu, your outside, your staff.  Add videos.  
  • Record your logins and make notes to yourself about what stage in the process you are in.  There is a claiming process involved and Google may need to mail you a postcard.
  • Periodically you will revisit Google My Business and add new pictures, make announcements, respond to reviews, etc.

Google My Business

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